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Testimonial 1

"Dr. Weberman has truly been a gift to both our daughter and our family. She goes above and beyond in every sense of the word - in ways many professionals do not. She takes the time to understand our daughter in every aspect of her life; in school, with friends, with family and at home. She makes our daughter feel special and comfortable always. She taps into her strengths and interests and makes it a point to create an interactive, fun, positive therapeutic experience. She thinks outside the box when appropriate and always follows through on what she says she's going to do. She has helped us through very difficult times as parents and has shed an enormous amount of optimism at times when we needed it most. We are eternally grateful to have found her and know our daughter is as well."

Mom of 8 year old client

Testimonial 11

"Working with Dr. Weberman has helped our family more than I could have imagined. We see immediate affects at home when we implement her guidance. She has helped my husband and I become a better united front as parents, as well as improved our communication as a couple! Deciding to go to Dr. Weberman has made our family as a whole better and more fun!"

C.B-R, Westfield, NJ

Testimonial 12

"Dr. Weberman is incredible. She is knowledgeable, caring supportive and thoughtful. We've been working with Dr. Weberman for over a year and the changes in our 4 year old have been wonderful. We like to say she is "really smart", in that she thinks out of the box for solutions and takes time to think and plan out the process. She is a true support for our entire family."

Mom and Dad, Madison, NJ

Testimonial 2

"Dr. Weberman has been a regular guest on my radio show since 2012. From the VERY first appearance, she showed smarts, poise, humor, and was a HIT. My only fear is that she'll simply take over my show which, on some days, would be great because I can just introduce a topic and she'll run with it. She thinks very well "on the fly" and is simply a joy.

Did I mention her wisdom? You can't learn wisdom no matter how many degrees you have - but, she's got it."

Bruce Sallan, Radio Show Host, Former VP of ABC Television, Author, #DadChat Founder

Testimonial 13

"I refer my patients to Dr. Weberman for both direct patient intervention as well as parent support. When I follow up the feedback is always positive. Dr. Weberman has the perfect combination of calming empathy and directness in her approach. I often also seek out her guidance not only for myself as a parent but also to help those 'hard to reach, hard to teach' patients. I am grateful for her support as a colleague."

Cynthia Marrapodi, Director of Creative Speech Solutions, LLC, Summit, NJ

Testimonial 3

"The Parent Workshop was excellent! The approach was interactive and the lessons were new and helpful. I particularly enjoyed hearing about emotional intelligence and strategies for all the usual hiccups. My only compliant was that it went too quickly!"

Liz B., Chatham Mom of 2

Testimonial 4

"The Parent Workshop was very helpful, particularly learning about emotional bank accounts. I could have stayed another hour!"

Shannon N, Chatham Mom

Testimonial 5

"The Parent Workshop was wonderful! Everything was valuable! I really enjoyed it and learned some new tricks to manage my kids."

Anonymous Mom

Testimonial 6

“I have been waiting for a workshop like this for a long time! I would love to attend a workshop with Jennifer Weberman in the near future again.”

Teacher, Elizabeth School District

Testimonial 7

“The Classroom Workshop opened a window of opportunity for me…helping me with everyday issues.”

Mrs. F., Teacher, Elizabeth School District

Testimonial 8

“Our teachers are sometimes the most challenging audience. Everyone was interested and engaged for the entire time – difficult to do!”

Teacher, Hillside School District

Testimonial 9

“Everything was right on the money. I could listen for hours”

Teacher, Hillside School District

Testimonial 10

“This Classroom Workshop was refreshing…Absolutely everything that Jennifer talked about was valuable to me as a teacher and a parent.”

Ms S., Teacher, Hillside School District

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