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Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

Common Questions About Telehealth

Is Telehealth effective?​

Telehealth has been proven to be as effective as in person therapy plus it has the added bonus of making therapy more accessible. 

What are some of the benefits of Telehealth?

Simply put, Telehealth removes many barriers. Telehealth eliminates your commute to and from appointments, allows you to find a therapist outside your immediate geographical area and gives you the flexibility for day or evening appointments. Simply log in from a secure and private location and your therapist is ready for you.

Is Telehealth for everyone?

While we have seen significant benefits for most people, there are some folx who prefer in person or who are better suited for in person. Talk to our Intake Coordinator to learn more. 

Will my Telehealth services be reimbursed the same as in person services?

Since we are an out of network provider, please contact your insurance company to inquire. 

What are some of the restrictions regarding Telehealth?

Your location is important. You need to be located in a state your clinician is authorized to provide Telehealth services in. 

Working with our Psychologists: please visit the PsyPACT map to see if the state you are in is approved. If it is the color blue, we are able to provide services for you

Working with our Social Workers: please call us and we will look up the individual state for you.

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