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"Dr. Weberman has been a regular guest on my radio show since 2012. From the VERY first appearance, she showed smarts, poise, humor, and was a HIT. My only fear is that she'll simply take over my show which, on some days, would be great because I can just introduce a topic and she'll run with it. She thinks very well "on the fly" and is simply a joy.

Did I mention her wisdom? You can't learn wisdom no matter how many degrees you have - but, she's got it."

Bruce Sallan, Radio Show Host, Former VP of ABC Television, Author, #DadChat Founder

"In the world of Parent Coaching, Jennifer Weberman reigns supreme. She creates an owner's manual for every child she works with - then teaches the parents how to read it No need to guess your way around parenting skills any longer. You have a consummate expert in Dr. Weberman."

Dr. Darcy Sterling, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Star of E! Network's Famously Single

"Dr. Jennifer Weberman captivated our faculty with an informative and engaging presentation that provided new insight into student behavior and provided tangible ideas for teachers to take back to their classrooms. I've already received multiple requests for an encore performance."

Shira Hammerman, Director of Faculty Learning and Professional Development, Jewish Educational Center

"Over the past two years, our school has been fortunate to partner with Dr. Weberman as she presented workshops for both our faculty and our parent body. Her presentations consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of child behavior and a compassion for the adults who seek to support them. Parents and faculty both came away from the presentations with a deeper understanding of child behavior and with practical action items to use with children. Enthusiasm is always high after a Dr. Weberman workshop!"

Aron Srolowitz, Lower School Principal, Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy

"When Jennifer began the session with "you're going to leave seeing your child in a completely different way" I was like yeah yeah what are the chances. It was so true. She has completely transformed my parenting and I'm so grateful!"

Transform Your Parenting Workshop Participant, Toddler Mom


Transform Your Parenting Workshop Participant, Mom of 2

"This workshop was engaging, emotional, funny and interactive. I felt I walked away with so many takeaways"

Transform Your Parenting Workshop Participant, Mom of 3

"This was extremely eye opening and even though "in the moment" it's hard to take that breath, hearing all of this will help benefit myself and my child."

Transform Your Parenting Workshop Participant, Mom of 4

"Incredible, practical and relatable information to use in my parenting."

Transform Your Parenting Workshop Participant, Toddler Mom

"Dr. Weberman has the unique ability to take complex feelings or situations and boil them down to the simplest concepts."

Transform Your Parenting Workshop Participant, Dad of 3

"The virtual parenting group with Dr. Weberman has been enormously beneficial to my parenting. It has helped me to see that my child's "challenging" behaviors are normal, to understand the underlying causes for these behaviors, and to develop tools to both prevent these behaviors and better manage them when they can't be prevented. I have learned so much about my child but also about myself, from how my own experiences have led me to have certain reactions to my child to how I can reframe these moments moving forward. It has truly been transformative for me and has helped me strengthen my relationship with my child."

Transform Your Parenting 6 Week Virtual Parenting Group, Mom of 4

"One of the BEST Workshops I've ever attended."

Connection in the Classroom Teacher, JEC

"You are amazing and I am so happy I was able to learn from you today."

Connection in the Classroom Teacher, JKHA

"I wanted to publicly thank Jennifer Weberman for her awesome zoom class last night “Surviving and Thriving: Parenthood During COVID-19”. Our first activity of the day today was creating the visual schedule together, and my 4 year old has been obsessed with following it all day. My 2 year old even napped for the first time in days. (Hopefully that lasts). Mommy “break time” was glorious and my husband and I did not argue at all today.


Ladies- if Jennifer offers another round of this webinar I highly suggest you take it!!! This week is already looking very different than last week, thanks to a couple tips and changes she shared with us."

Surviving and Thriving Parenthood During COVID 19 Jessica Eve, Springfield Mom of 3

"I refer my patients to Dr. Weberman for both direct patient intervention as well as parent support. When I follow up the feedback is always positive. Dr. Weberman has the perfect combination of calming empathy and directness in her approach. I often also seek out her guidance not only for myself as a parent but also to help those 'hard to reach, hard to teach' patients. I am grateful for her support as a colleague."

Cynthia Marrapodi, Director of Creative Speech Solutions, LLC, Summit, NJ

"The Parent Workshop was excellent! The approach was interactive and the lessons were new and helpful. I particularly enjoyed hearing about emotional intelligence and strategies for all the usual hiccups. My only compliant was that it went too quickly!"

Liz B., Chatham Mom of 2

"The Parent Workshop was very helpful, particularly learning about emotional bank accounts. I could have stayed another hour!"

Shannon N, Chatham Mom

"The Parent Workshop was wonderful! Everything was valuable! I really enjoyed it and learned some new tricks to manage my kids."

Anonymous Mom

“I have been waiting for a workshop like this for a long time! I would love to attend a workshop with Jennifer Weberman in the near future again.”

Teacher, Elizabeth School District

“The Classroom Workshop opened a window of opportunity for me…helping me with everyday issues.”

Mrs. F., Teacher, Elizabeth School District

“Our teachers are sometimes the most challenging audience. Everyone was interested and engaged for the entire time – difficult to do!”

Teacher, Hillside School District

“Everything was right on the money. I could listen for hours”

Teacher, Hillside School District

Teacher, Hillside School District

“This Classroom Workshop was refreshing…Absolutely everything that Jennifer talked about was valuable to me as a teacher and a parent.”

Ms S., Teacher, Hillside School District

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