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Below is a list of common symptoms that bring individuals in to see a therapist. If you recognize any of these, it may be time to give us a call.

  • sad or irritable mood
  • excessive worrying or fears
  • compulsive behaviors
  • frequent tantrums
  • talking back
  • aggression
  • low self esteem
  • difficulty focusing or sitting still
  • social withdrawal
  • sudden change in appetite, sleep habits, academic/job
    performance or social behaviors
Child and Adolescent Therapy

I work with children ages 3 and older with a variety of difficulties including anxiety/excessive worrying, compulsive behaviors, depression, behavioral problems, ADHD and social difficulties.

I create a safe and comfortable environment for children and teens where they can express themselves, practice new skills and empower themselves in positive ways. For young children, parents are considered an essential part of the process and we will work collaboratively towards your child’s treatment goals.

Individual Therapy for Young Adults

As a young adult, you are faced with many important decisions regarding things like career, graduate school, family, friends or romantic relationships. It is not uncommon to experience stress while you are figuring some of these things out. Stress can look like a depressed mood, anxiety/excessive worrying, problems at work, relationship issues or just general dissatisfaction. Through our work together, you can achieve clarity on what’s really important to you and how to use this knowledge to create the life you envision for yourself.

” Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

Women’s Health

Women are incredible. We are capable of such strength, compassion, and contribution. Sometimes when we move along the path of our lives, we struggle and fall, but we learn, we grow, we persevere. And sometimes when we struggle and fall, its hard to get back up. Its hard to find the meaning. Its hard to see the light ahead. We could use some support; someone to have our back, see the best in us and help us pick ourselves back up and take the next step forward.

Our goal is to help you pick yourself up, learn from the experience and move ahead from an empowered place so you can live a life that fulfills you.

If you are interested in scheduling an office visit, or have questions about our practice, please call us at
201-341-8023 or email us at jw@jenniferweberman.com.

What Clients Are Saying

Dr. Weberman has truly been a gift to both our daughter and our family.

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Mom of 8 year old client

Working with Dr. Weberman has helped our family more than I could have imagined.

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C.B-R, Westfield, NJ

Dr. Weberman is incredible. She is knowledgeable, caring supportive and thoughtful.

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Mom and Dad, Madison, NJ

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